Emergency Housing 2018 Firestorm

What a crazy year! When people ask me how I’m doing, the easy answer I prefer is “Life isn’t boring.”

Since November ALL of my time is dedicated to assisting with emergency housing in Paradise, California. The losses here are of EPIC proportions that eclipse what we saw last year in California. I never, ever imagined when I began this work, that these fire storms would get bigger, but they ARE.

(Sorry Montecito, your flood stats weren’t included, I added your stats for you.)

I’m glad I invested thousands of hours into this work, because now I am finally starting to see how my knowledge & strengths can make a very significant impact.

I own TipsFromSurvivors.org and TurtleShells.org, each with a specific purpose and demographic. One is for everyone, as a prevention and recovery website, and the second is for people needing to live in RVs, specifically around Paradise.

I knew once Paradise was no longer making headlines, that they would be left to repair their lives mostly with the resources gathered at this point.

Now is when the real heavy lifting is needed to stop people from falling into economic ruin and becoming homeless.

This POWERFUL video gives you an insider view of what is happening to the housing market.

Fact is, that this is a region of people with humble economic means and many were retired. According to the Washington Post an estimated 4 in 10 people are living paycheck-to-paycheck and can’t afford $400 in emergency expenses without going into debt or selling something.

While these people are of humble means, the people here were wealthy in the art, beauty and sense of community that surrounded their daily lives. NOW they are challenged to redefine life in Paradise or leave forever.

I came to help because I knew the wisdom I offered could help give more opportunity and resources for displaced residents to stay in the community.

This issue is EXACTLY why I came to Paradise; to reduce the preventable economic damage that happens when local government under-forecasts the housing need for the secondarily displaced and the visiting contractors helping with recovery. (Typical post disaster issue.)

I felt like I was being visited by angels when I met these two people. My website for this community is TurtleShells.org and there was turtles all over this burned property. (I get interesting angelic signs ALL THE TIME!)

This song and video tells their POWERFUL story:

There is so much we can do for Paradise!

Here’s some suggestions to help:

  1. Volunteer (Most work can be done remotely.) (Goes to my Paradise disaster website)
  2. Donate (Anonymous or named sponsor.)(Goes to my Paradise disaster website)
  3. Write a Support Letter (That would make me so happy!)
  4. Drinking beer helps too (Yes, really.)(Goes to Paradise community website.)

I guarantee the more we help these people, the stronger they will be and that if your community finds itself in a similar situation next year, I absolutely guarantee that members of this community WILL pay it forward. It happens all the time!

Thanks for spending some time visiting.

Happy New Year!
~ Kimberly

P.S. I’ve donated RVs before and my process is  very professional, from screening RVs to compliance with the IRS for charitable donations.  I can’t do it currently.

Please visit TurtleShells.org.