Why Ellen is an Inspiration to Me

The rainbow in Ellen’s clouds after her father’s passing was no accident. There are many kind people that she had to thank for “being her rainbow”, starting with Warner Bros. and every person who graced her life ESPECIALLY in her darkest moments.

This video appears like it might not work in some browsers, but it does. Click on it, it’s beautiful!

We can all
“be a rainbow in someone else’s cloud,
no matter who they are!”

Mistreatment by our fellow man can be turned into a gift, if we choose to get up and dance. For example, Maya Angelou fell into silence after her own personal childhood tragedy for 5 years. In that time she read every poet imaginable from Kipling to Shakespeare.

Experiences shared by others helped her triumph over her own tragedy. When she emerged from silence, she had a lot to say and many ways to say it.

The pulse and passion of her words are poignant and powerful because she chose to dance.

And so did Ellen.

Ellen dared to be understood for the unique person she is and faced severe rejection.

She could have remained in the silence of her pain. But instead she shared her humanity with the world and asked that it be OK. Because it is.

For 3 years after telling the world she was gay, she didn’t work.  During that time, the world missed her sweet presence and she faced losing her career. Dory was where her life began to turn around. And look where she is today!
Because she chose to dance.
This is Ellen’s birthday video… Many people helped make this possible. All I did was add to the love shared. I asked Priscilla Ahn for permission to share her song because I love this video so much! (Her manager said YES!!… permission here.)

I got a little creative in May of 2017! It wasn’t pre-meditated. I just followed spirit. It was fun! =D (This is a sidewalk chalk tribute I made for Ellen a couple blocks from her studio.)
I got a little creative again in April of 2018! This wasn’t pre-meditated either!! I just followed spirit. It was fun! =D (My butt was drooping a bit more though, because I’m losing my spark.) (I made this is sidewalk chalk tribute for Ellen on her studio doorstep, ANONYMOUSLY! hee hee!)

Ellen has a stand-up special premiering on Netflix on December 18th.  (Article about it)  (Free month subscription to watch)  Last time she did this was 15 years ago after revealing that she was gay and what she had to say about it.  (It was very clever!) 

I recommend putting this on your calendar to watch.  I have no doubt it will be a beautiful gift to the universe.  Releasing it during the holidays was a really good idea.