What Happened?

Below you will find MY STORY. This will help you understand why I am so passionate that I would literally bet my life on this. This is the first time I told my story in public about why I am doing this.  This took place at ground zero on the one year anniversary of the Valley Fire of 2015.  This is the 1 minute version of the video that I made for an application for the Obama Fellowship program.

Essentially I’ve had multiple assaults to my well-being…

My life path was changed by a drunk driver when he flipped his truck and it resulted in me receiving a head and back injury. Consequently I had to abandon a very successful career and re-invent myself with a new career that was better suited to my changed abilities.

2 years later, my kitchen flooded, and I was forced to move from a very beautiful creekside home I had been renting for 8 years. I loved that place so much I thought I’d never leave, but it was infested with mold. Paint was holding the walls together and was making me sick, but I didn’t know that until I moved and the symptoms cleared immediately.

During the move my back was re-injured because it was very fragile from the truck roll-over that happened 2 years earlier. I became extremely disabled and required a caretaker because I had difficulty eating, showering and moving around. In spite of ALL THAT, I managed to acquire a mobile home with the last of my life savings.

What happened next is SHOCKING!

Caution contains disturbing content, but the conclusion is worth watching because I didn’t give up.  IF my court room experience was televised I guarantee it would have been a VERY different outcome.

(Longer videos here.) (Pause to read if desired. ) (1) Medical Condition & Home Acquired 0-1m36 (2) Home Destroyed 1m37-3m02 (3) Insurance Response 3m03-4m00 (4) Suicide Risk 4m01-7m23 (5) Judge Response 7m24-10m03 (6) TipsFromSurvivors is Born 10m04-end. (Symbolic burning of court documents is a joke Ellen DeGeneres will probably like. It’s a bit cathartic for me to imagine doing this. I have to find levity in this situation, by making fun of it, otherwise it could drive me crazy.)

So now you can understand why I am extremely angry with insurance companies that take common sense out of our legal system. However, I cannot sustain myself by coming from a place of anger.

I have to move forward by creating more of what I want to see in the world. What I wish to do is create more resiliency for people in the face of climate change and declining resources. I believe I can make a difference for thousands, with your help.


I do believe that I am being guided spiritually in a way that never ceases to humble me. I can’t always keep clarity, grace and strength because of my current life situation and health. (But what is my alternative choice??! Think about that for a minute.)

I believe if given the gift of a home in which I can thrive and other people contributing to painting my dream with me, together, we can create more resilient, compassionate communities. For many people, we can reduce the immense heartbreak that would have happened if we had done nothing at all.

Thanks for being here. ~ Kimberly

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