Thank you for your interest in donating.  This is the hardest thing I’ve ever done. I’ve given thousands of dollars and thousands of hours to this, and driven thousands of miles to do it. 4 years later I have over 500 pages of documentation and over 250 videos. 

I’m SUPER exhausted from responding to these firestorms.  Being  a next responder means increased risk of lung function impairment and PTSD.  That is the price I paid to gather this wisdom. (And I also incurred alot of damage to my health during my own home loss too.)

With support I can help optimize recovery for thousands of people and find my own healing in doing so.

The future of the project depends on kind people like you.

I am seeking donation of a diesel dually truck for phase 1 and $250k for phase 2.  This plan overall is designed to be self-sustaining upon completion.

I’d be so very grateful for your help!
Donate thru my Pay Pal link

or send some love to the following address

All assistance offered will be used carefully and gratefully in fulfilling the mission and sustaining the founder of this project.