I’ve removed my website content for now and I’m taking some time off from the development of this site.  I responded to the CampFire even though I promised myself that I would not get involved in any disaster in 2018.  I have immense wisdom, but I’m getting exhausted from this work, but also stronger in wisdom and value.  It is a strange dichotomy.

To those supporting my vision you have my eternal gratitude!  I’m so excited to share this journey with you.  When I’m ready to go public with what’s happening, I look forward to sharing it.  But for now I prefer to work quiet and steady. 

To my critics (everyone has them) I ask you to get off social media  and talk to people directly, you might actually learn something and make the world a better placeThis video is a great pep talk for anyone in the creative space that also ends up dealing with the general public which can be challenging for sensitive people.  It gets juicy starting at 3m50 minutes to 9m (Don’t miss 8m)

To those grieving from their own home loss, I offer you these words.  (Click here)

Thank you for your interest. ~ Kimberly

Lessons from those who lost their homes so you can protect yours.

California firestorms in the past 4 years have reached historic proportions in size and number of homes destroyed.

With my humble resources and immense passion I responded, learned and helped where possible.  The wisdom gained is immense.

With what was learned, the question now is how can we improve the outcome of these catastrophic events?

No one will have the perfect answer in disaster relief, but a willingness to be part of the solution is what we need.