How You Can Help

The plan is now solid and it’s time to do it. I believe in it with all my being and I need your help so I can execute it.

Please write to Ellen and tell her what you like about this project and maybe even how you can help.

Ellen is an inspiration to me, and brings me joy.

If you believe Ellen or others can help and need to hear my story, please contact her, HERE.

Can you help me gather at least 100 letters of support by Christmas?

11/29 Update: 50 letters. I’m not capable of engaging with lots of people as a result of the fire in Paradise.  Most letters will be coming from potential future team members, but I invite any kind hearts that land here to write for me.   To the California DOJ and KTVU, thank you for your interest, I hope to hear from you soon.

I’ll try to update with the score here… so far I have 15. I keep letters private to respect the time of those helping, but they are available for major potential supporters, like Ellen.

I suggest saving a copy of you letter offline and if you’d like to give me a copy, it will be ONE MORE REASON for me to smile and keep doing what I do!!

A copy of your letter can be given to me in person, via email or thru the website. The more letters we have the better, so tell a loved one that can benefit from this work to join us in this effort. Maybe for the first time in many years for me, I can have a Merry Christmas, and all of us can look forward to a better New Year!


I need your help to continue this journey in creating TipsFromSurvivors. I have significant medical issues and I need a permanent home. If you feel inspired to be a part of this journey, you are invited to offer letters of support (link above) or donate. Any kindness is gratefully appreciated.

I am a disaster survivor who wishes to turn a situation that almost killed me into a gift for thousands of people. Doing this work while I haven’t even replaced my own home may seem unusual, but after reading my story it is easy to understand why.

With your help. I can create a model for resiliency for other disaster survivors like myself, so that we can make the journey home AGAIN easier for so many people. Or even prevent such loss for occurring.

While micro-donations are really wonderful, because any small gesture is IMMENSELY appreciated and lifts this over-burdened heart, I really need a miracle… a miracle that I feel only people like Ellen DeGeneres are capable of creating.

She can help shine light on my dream, and allow others to join in painting a dream for a more resilient future for all of us. Through my immense sadness and tireless effort to paint this dream during these past 4 years of firestorms, Ellen gave me hope my dream mattered to those willing to risk so much to do the right thing.

My first draft of the plan was given to her on 11/11/16. I made it because she gave me hope that angels existed, if I was willing to do the work. It is because of her that the 100s of pages of that plan still exist because my hard disk crashed. Since then the plan has continued to improve to what it is today.

In spite of my continued unanswered prayers for a home, I am glad she didn’t respond to my first request. It made me keep pushing and searching for answers to what are the best contributions I could make toward helping people thrive when their homes are threatened.

Currently in Paradise (Chico, CA) there are over 10,400 homes destroyed.  Multiple unit residences are counted as 1 unit.  I’m guessing at least 60,000 people were permanently displaced and about $4 billion in economic damage.

Below is a sample of a letter I received from the #CampFire that started on 11/08/18. (I’ve donated RVs before.)

Can you imagine empowering each person to solve their situation by giving them MORE solutions? Or even prevent this loss from happening? (I can.)