January 26th at 11:11pm ! Something crazy happened to me….

People may think movies are just entertainment. Often there are legacies embodied within them, inspired by actual life experiences.

Some of my favorite movies have been like spiritual guide rails, to remind me of what I wish for and to keep pushing further toward a dream.

Robin Williams body of work has had a significant influence on me. His film “What Dreams May Come” is why I am still alive today. In my darkest hour of vulnerability, I saw this film. I agree with the film’s premise that our spirit goes on beyond physical form.

As a result, I chose to dare, rather finding respite in eternal slumber what dreams MAY come, to paint my dream. The result is this website you are viewing.

Some may not know that Robin was a huge advocate for the homeless by raising over $70 million with his friends doing Comic Relief and even testifying to Congress. I identify with something EXTREMELY important that he said to Congress, “We can’t keep picking people up. We have to stop them from falling.” (See his testimony here.)

I wish he knew how much he inspired me to keep fighting for a dream we both shared, which is advocacy for the most vulnerable who have no voice. (Thankfully one of his dearest friends of 4 decades knows, and has been a dear friend as I paint my dream.)


The main premise of the movie Jumanji is that we have to keep playing together or someone is going to be left be behind. The tag line is “Every house has it’s secrets” amuses me. THAT is why TipsFromSurvivors exists, so that the secrets will be revealed to future generations, if we chose to keep playing together!!!

This is a trailer of the film Jumanji which is about legacies, facing your fears and leaving no one behind. 

To appreciate the angel whispers, watch the trailer above.  Then click here please to see the strongest angel whispers I could ever imagine. 

The original Facebook posts are gone because I burned out on the drama of online life and found myself happier not participating. I could resurrect them if the proof of such a magical coincidence mattered.

I have acquired a precious body of wisdom from survivors that lost their homes. I hope I find some patrons for my work to be shared before it is too late… Because dead men tell no tales!

The fact that I have been led in a beautiful and subtle way to Ellen DeGeneres absolutely slays me. Of course Robin loved her and I wish I could say more here… but I can’t.

Since then I have visited Ellen’s studio and I had another profound moment. …I have since come to understand the sources of inspiration for some really beautiful spirits and AGAIN, I am left in awe of the universe.

Another spiritual sign…. As I was providing aid at a local homeless shelter and as I was pushing on the door to the pastor’s office, this happened:

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