Public Comment 8 21 18

Public Input for Planning Commission after 8 21 18 meeting. Edited to focus on previous comments on affordability.

Suggestion: Deed Restrictions on Parcels Hosting Tiny Home

My understanding for the building department not addressing design criteria is due to the desire to keep these housing units as affordable as possible by keeping barriers to acquire as low as possible.

I understand this point of view MIGHT help with affordability to purchase due to the existing resale market for traditionally built RVs with laminate siding. These units WILL be cheaper to purchase but reducing design standards will ABSOLUTELY NOT assure affordability for this housing on the rental market.

I am of the opinion that the movable tiny homes should have the appearance of cottages to

  1. fit with the character of the neighborhood
  2. provide for ability to remodel as needed and assure longevity of the housing unit.

A compromise that I suggest IF parcels are deed restricted on rental prices, then allow less strict design criteria for the first year. Over time more engineer certified resale options will appear. This will help give buyers time to finance and build a new unit or shop the resale market.

Tiny Homes Offer Community Disaster Resiliency

Financial resources for the housing market post disaster is a fundamental issue that significantly affects anyone living in the region. For example, following the wildfires in Northern California of October 2017, Sonoma County lost in one day what it took them 7 years to build & rents rose 35% in 60 days. Over a third of the population can no longer afford a 1 bedroom rental.

Homeowners collectively spent over $400 million on “loss of use” allowance. Instead of using that money to CREATE housing units, that money was used to further DAMAGE the housing market. Using tiny homes built to RV code that look like cottages as emergency housing units & conversion to accessory dwelling units is a RADICAL idea that must be done. (Mitigate housing market damage, build resiliency into community & helps under-insured homeowner)

Tiny Homes ((COULD)) Offer Affordability

Tiny homes is the LAST OPTION REMAINING to create self contained housing at the lowest cost possible. (Cost to create is 1/4 of a traditional housing unit.) Furthermore, tax payer subsidized housing always cost more than if the market developed it and benefits a very, very small number of people.

Tiny homes are an option for the most financially challenged sector of the population, but I am of a VERY STRONG OPINION that if you do not do deed restrictions on parcels that host that them, that this will not become the affordable option desired.

Here is proof that deed restrictions are required.

Example 1

(To view larger image, click on it.)

This unit found on Craigslist on 10/4/18 is smaller than a standard studio at 173 sf that might rent for $1,000 according to local HCD studio standards, yet is priced at $1,200. (Storage is VERY minimal.) Everything these owners rent is over market price and they have a fancy website indicating that they make a lot of money on the rental market in SLO currently.

Example 2

Here is an Airstream being rented on AirBnB at $65 per night ($1,950/mo)

Example 3

Here’s a video testimony from to SLO City Council on 8/21 that also shows you exactly what is GOING TO HAPPEN, if there are no deed restrictions when tiny homes are adopted.

(I have reference documents from cities that do deed restrictions and am happy to provide upon request.  I also have information to assist in the implementation of a supporting policy.  Contact me here for details.)

Thank you for visiting! ~ Kimberly